4 Nov 2007

Not Dead!

Just thought i'd drop a quick line as people had been wondering where i'd got to. Things have been quite manic at home and there's been a lot going on. I will update properly by the end of this week but tomorrow I'm having my wisdom teeth removed....under sedation! I'm nervous as hell as i have a real phobia about it and feel really tearful even thinking about it. Strange cos i'm usually a tough cookie but when it comes to dentists, one particular one reduced me to tears when i was around 18 and ever since then i avoid them like the plague. Well i can't anymore and it's taken almost 18 months to get this far after them talking me out of only having it done under a general. I've been assured that i won't know what the hell is going on and won't feel a thing. Luckily my mum is coming to take care of me as supposedly i won't be very aware for the rest of the day.

Pete has been tooing and froing from Scotland and is back on WEdnesday night for four days. It's his last trip before he finally leaves the boat and is moved to Portsmouth so at least then my life will have a little more routine than i've had to endure the last 9 months. Anyway, I'll be back from thursday or so with some delayed photos and updates. X