18 Jul 2007

Amy Winehouse @ The Eden Project

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Such a Shame

Firstly sorry about my abscence..there has been so much going on at home and coupled with bouts of illness with everyone it's been a hard couple of weeks. But last night was an event i have been looking forward to for weeks, the Amy Winehouse gig at the Eden project. It was a toss up whether or not she'd turn up after cancelling a lot of gigs at short notice the last couple of weeks but as the Eden project said it was on we ventured down and got there at about 4, in time to hear and watch the sound checks including Amy coming on for a couple of songs.

In my mind there is no doubt that this woman is the greatest british female talent for years, possibly ever...and as 9.30 came, the 6,000 strong crowd were going crazy. On she came and although she looked scrawny and weak, she bantered with the crowd and belted out around 4 songs with that amazing voice of hers....then she disappeared off stage...only for around a minute, maybe two. It was clear after she'd come back that there was somethng wrong, she cried through the next two tracks, started slurring...several times she smacked herself in the forehead deliberately with the mic and at one stage she even slapped herself across the face. The deterioration was unbelieveable and it was really sad to see. About 45 minutes into an hour and a half set...she swore at someone, spat towards the crowd and walked off. The band followed a minute later. After about 10 minutes, she came back on and looking at one of the guys on her left shouted 'lets just do f***ing 'Valerie' and that's it!'. She did, slurred and then they all disappeared. Some peope were peed off, obviously you don't like paying money to see half a show...but you could see the sadness in most peoples eyes.....she obviously has MAJOR personal issues and i hope to god that she manages to sort out her demons before her career goes down the pan...or even worse.

On another note, i've decided to scrap the scrap it challenge as i just wasn't getting enough entries to justify carrying it on. I will however be sending both entrants this month a little goody bag for having a go at it.

11 Jul 2007

Fingers crossed!

OK so in the paper today it says that Amy Winehouse has cancelled a couple of gigs over the past week....praying that next Tuesday WON'T be one of them. Been so hard to get to see her that i'll be gutted if it doesn't happen now. Also managed last week to get tickets to see Pink again. I saw her last November and i was blown away. Her last album was certainly the best yet and god that girl has attitude. And then it's the more sedate UB40 in December. So with seeing the Sugababes earlier this year i'll be gigged out by the end of it.....oh and lets's not forget the most important one of all.....The Wiggles live stageshow (well luckily i roped DH into that one instead,they just freak me out a little too much).

I'm pulling an all nighter to try and catch up on various things i've neglected since my life turned upside down last week! Just finished one CJ which was to do with favourite foods which was hard to do whilst on a diet. Trying desperately to finish my BOB entries....although i'm still ummmming and ahhhing over whether or not to actually enter them. So hopefully tomorrow i'll at least have them ready even if i decide NOTto enter plus i'll have sorted out all the stuff i was supposed to have done last week. But fear not, this months prize details will be revealed tomorrow. I have all the goodies laid out ready for some decent light to photograph them. So do check out tomorrow night and see what you could bag. X

9 Jul 2007

What colour are YOU?

Been catching up on my blog fixation and found this on Tracies so thought i'd have a go.
What color is your soul painted?


Your soul is painted the color red, which embodies the characteristics of love, strength, physical energy, sex, passion, courage, protection, excitement, speed, leadership, power, danger, and respect. Red is the color of the element Fire, and is associated with blood, life and death, birth, volcanoes, and intense emotions.

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Forgot to say that i got tickets to see Pink in the Pavillions in August, can't wait as i saw her there last November and it was fantastic, also going to see Amy Winehouse down at the Eden Project next tuesday...lets hope she's not too drunk for that one!

Crazy Days

Sorry for my abscence (did you miss me...no...oh well!). The last week has seen some personal problems at home which has had to be given my complete attention and for that i've had to ignore all else. Things are now kind of sorted, although in such a way that they won't completely go away for a while but at least i'm able to try and get some normality back into my life....well as normal as my life is!

So what has been going on in Terrie world for the last week? Well when it comes to scrapping, very little to be honest. I've had probs with both my PC's, adobe doesn't seem to want to work this morning and i think that MAY be due to Pete being home who was farting around with the PC last night, of course he'll deny he changed ANY settings but that's generally what happens!

On the good side, i have been on a diet now for two weeks and have lost 8lb! I haven't been particualarly good this week either as much of this week has been eat on the go so now it's back to being a less synful girl at the world of slimming! I'm hoping to lose 2 stone by the time i get to Butlins in September and at the moment i'm bang on target for that.

Friday was one of those days that just didn't stop! I seemed to wander around in a sort of daze chasing my tail. Freya had her first Orchestra performance and i was sooooo proud of her. Considering the orchestra have only been going for 14 weeks they really did themselves proud and my baby wasn't fazed in the least, a far cry from the timid 8 year old who started Keyboard lessons only 9 months ago. You could see that she was so proud of herself and that's what makes me so happy. It was a shame that the concert was in our town guildhall, a tiny building and really not suitable for the occasion as we were facing a side view and all the pupils ran from one end to the other. Hopefully after Friday they may find some other venue for future performances.

And then it was up to Exeter to pick Pete up from the airport, must say that as he flies to and from Glasgow, the events of last weekend really shook me up but knowing that security has been tightened did go some way to putting my mind at ease. The girls are all glad that daddy is back home and i'm over the moon after possibly the worst week of my life. Well lets hope that i can move on now and get on with it. X

2 Jul 2007

And this months winner is........

Thanks to Sarah Youde, scrapper extraordinaire from the Scrapgenie DT for picking this months Scrap It Challenge winner. Sarah said " I like the layering and how she has got so many photographs on one page. I also liked the variety of fonts she used on the page. I thought it looked a bit like a happy family notice board and I loved that!"

So well done to Liz, aka Cottonscraps.... you're goody bag will be winging it's way to you as soon as i've managed to get some more 12x12 mailers on ebay cos i've been to two post offices this morning and can't find ANYTHING large enough!

Thanks for all the entries i recieved this month, i love to see people playing along and would love to have more people join in.

For this months challenge....something a bit different.....I've finally really knuckled down to a diet this week and i've lost 6lb by doing so.....what FINALLY made me do it......I found some photos in the loft last week and brought them downstairs. It's years since i was happy being photographed and seeing lots of photos of myself posing made me realise just how much more confident i felt in myself when i didn't feel so badly about my weight. Everyone has at least one photograph of themselves that they're really proud of....it may evoke certain emotions or you may just love the way you look in it. Well i want you to scrap it but what's really important is i want you to scrap WHY you're proud of yourself....everyone has something about them, that makes them special.....what's yours?

Please send you entries to terriefarrell@hotmail.co.uk as a jpeg attatchment no larger than 1MB in size no later than the 31st July. All entries recieved will be put up for all to see on the blog and the winner will recieve a great goody bag....pics of the prize up for grabs will be up later in the week so do check back..... lets just say it's Basic Grey based and i'm finding it hard to part with it! Back tomorrow for a proper update and all.......X