24 Dec 2007

A Very Merry Xmas!

Oh my word where have i been???! WEll, it's been a busy few months here at Farrell towers and i'm soooo sorry if anyone has wondered where i've been but with so many birthdays and planning for xmas, this time of year i don't get much time to myself. A very quick kind of update though.....

Pete has finally left Scotland and is now at Portsmouth until May. At the moment he's home on leave and comes home at weekends. It's nice to see him more often but i really wish he was home for more than 48 hours at a time as it feels like by the time we get everything done there's no time for each other which is really sad. I keep comforting myself that it won't be forever but with Pete not having any shore time for at least the next four years it's only cold comfort.

I haven't done any scrapbooking over the past two months which is a real shame. I've had the most fantastic stash delivered in the form of classes from one of Tracie's workshops which i couldn't make and a load of goodies from Bad Girls but it remains sadly untouched.

I haven't even been taking photos and have dropped out of the OU Photography course as i simply couldn't find the time. However, i will be giving myself a kick up the backside next week.

The presents are wrapped, well apart from the presents for myself and Pete. He's downstairs at the moment doing mine and i'm about to do his. Tomorrow morning Natasha and Emily will open their pressies and then Robert and Freya will be home later in the evening as their spending Xmas day with their other parents this year. It'll mean a relatively quiet xmas day, especially compared to last year when all four were ripping open their presents and i couldn't keep up! So we're not having a major xmas dinner tomorrow, just snacks and copious amounts of chocolate.

My dad is coming around tomorrow evening and Freya will be giving a little Xmas concert on her keyboard. She got her results for her first keyboard exam on Friday and the little sweetie got a distinction with 89%. It's a bit of a shock as she cried when she came out of the exam thinking that she'd messed up but obviously it wasn't as bad as she thought it was. She was also a stunner in the schools Xmas production this year. She played three different parts, all of them one after the other with less than a minute to change between each turn. It was amazing to watch and she really stole the show with one of her characters. She also sang part of a song solo which i was stunned about as i didn't know she was doing that. Now she sings all the time at home but not seriously and i was really shocked at how well she sang.....her tone was beautiful and i must admit to shedding a little tear when she stepped up to the mic.

Freya also attended the town choir service for the switching on of the lights. It was a chilly evening but at least the rain (almost) held off. Who on earth the organisers were i have no idea but it wasn't very well set out!

Emily gave a little carol service with her nursery which was lovely. So sad though that we weren't allowed to video it but i guess that's a sign of the times. I just hate Pete missing out on all these things whilst he's working away.

Natasha has had a wierd few weeks. She had to go to hospital a few weeks ago as she managed to get an unidentifiable object stuck up her nose. Apparently it would have been up there for at least two weeks as it had attatched itself to the nasal lining. I only noticed it after she had this disgusting stench coming from her. At first we thought it was from her mouth and we were holding her down flossing her teeth thinking she must have had something stuck in there rotting! The poor girl was beside herself. It took two hospitals, four of us holding her down and a lot of blood, but luckily we got there in the end without her having to have it removed in theatre.

We've had three birthdays in the last few weeks too. Robert turned 14, Natasha turned 2 and Emily turned 4. Where is the time going?

So that's about all i'll bore you with now. Off to get ready for tomorrow and do a quick tidy (in order to find two missing xmas presents!).

Have a great Xmas everyone and spare a thought for those that are far from home serving in the armed forces.