7 Feb 2012

Day 1 Food diary and comments

Nice fruit salad made with strawberries, grapes, apple, kiwi & blueberries served with fat free yoghurt sprinkled with sweetener. Cup of green tea.

Small wholemeal roll with lean roast beef and cucumber

Lean gammon steak, large field mushroom griddled, grilled tomato, fried potato cubes and fried egg.

packet of bacon rashers

Used semi skimmed from A allowance.

Was a typical busy Monday with a work meeting for which I had to go into Plymouth for. It's a pain in the arse as I don't have the car now Pete is based at Raleigh so it means braving public transport and yesterday I seem to find a bus that doubled as one of those machines that vibrates the fat off you! It wasn't pleasant. Breakfast therefore was a quick affair, as was lunch when I came home and grabbed something before the kids came home from school.

I had packed Pete off to work with a large salad of celery, peppers, radishes, leaves, cherry tomatoes and beetroot. He also had fruit and a couple of the tandoori chicken legs I'd done. He used the balsamic Fry Light salad dressing but did say that it didn't taste that strong so may see if I can make up a different dressing. Any suggestions? He also had 2 Alpen Light Bars as his HE B and he always drinks a mountain of coffee at work so he uses his milk allowance in HE A for that.

The kids had swimming lessons last night so once I got back from there I set up for dinner. Some nice gammon chops grilled (cutting the fat off before grilling as I can't be trusted once they are cooked!). I love fried potatoes so I par boiled small potato cubes, drained and then fried using the Butter Fry Light and plenty of seasoning. They do take quite a while to cook but these are delicious, especially when topped with a nice runny fried egg. I do fry my eggs in normal oil as I don't like they way they cook with Fry Light but as long as you drain the oil off afterwards I'm happy to take the 1 syn on the chin. I had some large field mushrooms and sprayed those with the Butter Fry Light and seasoned with black pepper and garlic salt and then griddled them, turning occasionally. They only take about 5 or 6 minutes. I was going to have peas with it but when I realised how far down the chest freezer they were (in a cupboard which desperately needs a clear out) I gave up.

Dinner went down well with me, Pete and Freya ...the little ones had hot dogs after swimming as they had to eat quick to get homework done and be ready for bed.

My only downfall was a packet of bacon rashers crisps. Spurs were on tele last night and I can't watch the football without some sort of nibbles but even syning those (and I've no idea how many syns they were) I'm happy that I'll be within my allowance.

I'm hoping to get back to a class so going to have a look up and see if I've got a local one that suits the hours I'm working and the multitude of social engagements the kids seem to have these day. I worked out that if I get a countdown, it should end not long before our anniversary getaway.

Tonight is roast pork with plenty of veg. Got a long work day today and the girls are at after school club til 6. So just a fruit and yogurt breakfast, a portion of the carrot & coriander soup that I made the other day for lunch with a wholemeal roll.

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Dipitydoodah said...

Sounds YUMMY!! Great Kick start it sounds like! Keep it up <3