13 Feb 2012

Sunday food diary

banana and yogurt

Sirloin steak, bacon, baked beans, field mushrooms and roasted cherry tomatoes. Bread (HE A)

Mugshot and apple

packet of skips

Milk for HE A

Sunday is a bit of a chilled out day. We get up later, eat later and before you know it it's bed time! That was a bit like last night to be honest. I was planning on doing a load of batch cooking but we had visitors and time just seem to disappear. Lunch was nice though, veritable meat fest. What I was proud about yesterday was that I was going to have a galaxy ripple for my syns last night and then asked myself if I really fancied it when it came down to the crunch and went without.

So the only syns I had last night were my packet of skips (must be about 5 syns if I remember right).

Well, now it's Monday morning and so it's time to hit the scales, and despite a not very good two days mid week where I let myself down a bit (although didn't go as mad as I could have) I have lost a rather impressive 5lb. Of course it's the first week and that first weight loss can always be the one that makes you unrealistic over how much weight you'll lose but as I've been there many times before all I'm aiming for is a good 2lb a week from now on. This would mean comfortably losing my desired goals by the targets I've set with room for error too so I feel good about that.

First day of half term so work will be erratic this week and I won't have acres of time to do much so it's going to be very careful planning to make sure I've got what I need to eat organise. This morning it's just green tea, a banana and an apple. I've got some carrot & coriander soup for lunch with Pogen rolls and phillidephia light. Some yogurt and fruit before I take the girls swimming this afternoon and then I'm going to do spaghetti bolognaise for dinner. Really have to plan for less than 5 syns a day to give a little breathing space for the weekend when it's time to have a few farewell drinks on Saturday. Goal is for 2lb loss next week and hit my half stone.

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