6 Feb 2012

Start of a new week

...and feel in my bones it will be a good one, or at least much better than last week. Jumped on scales to find no change so that's good and it means I can start brightly today. I suppose it's difficult to post what I've eaten each day on the day so I guess I'll be updating a day behind.

Very organised today though and that helps. I spent last night batch cooking loads to freeze for the next couple weeks and even got Pete (who balks at the strength of my chilli as more like mince in gravy) in on the act. So he made up a syn free pot of hot chilli which gave about 10 portions. I also made up 4 portions of Chicken Jalfrezi, 4 large portions of the carrot & coriander soup I made a couple days ago (with added cumin for a bit more of a kick) and cooked up a load of tandoori chicken legs.

Pete doesn't like food that tastes like it's diet food and as we're both partial to an Indian take away, my favourite slimming world recipe book has to be Curry Heaven. Food that is nicely spiced and flavoursome without the calories. You know when you get that takeaway delivered.......open the lid.....and there settled on the top is a layer of grease?! Well imagine all the flavour and none of the grease.

A lot of the dishes in the book can be frozen making them perfect if you're busy and if you stock up on your spices right in the beginning you'll also find that the recipes aren't that expensive. My particular favourites are the pilau rice (the tastiest rice ever and zero syns, also freezable) and the chicken Jalfrezi (tip: tastes even better the day after, just like real curry!).

I have my sister and her tribe over for a get together every couple of months and tend to cook. The last time they came over whilst I was on slimming world I did a massive indian feast from this book. I had made about 8 different dishes all of which contained absolutely no syns. The chicken vindaloo really worked for the blokes as well and they had no idea that it was all syn free.

The tandoori chicken legs are great to cook up and then leave in the fridge for packed lunches or just nibbles although the recipe in the book has them hot served with a lime pepper salad.

One thing I am missing at the moment though is a decent supply of fresh herbs. The herb garden is dead for another year and buying fresh isn't cheap so looking forward to spring arriving.

So I'll update tomorrow with what I've had today. But if you like your curry....GET THAT BOOK!

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